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From Mother Earth Pharmacy, these CBD gummies are designed to support your wellness through a powerful fusion of natural ingredients. These organic CBD gummies are effect-based and formulated using a full-spectrum CBD, other minor cannabinoids like CBN and CBG and adaptogens to create a truly powerful force of nature in one delicious CBD gummy.

Daily: Full-spectrum CBD gummies are made from whole plant hemp extract, meaning all cannabinoids found in the plant are retained in the oil. Full-spectrum CBD gummies offer an effective whole plant experience and users have reported benefits for a variety of needs such as - sleep, pain, stress, intimacy and more. These Daily CBD gummies are designed to support your daily wellness goals with CBD.

Relief: Pain, meet your match with these CBD gummies for pain, with CBG, formulated with a spicy combination of cannabinoids and adaptogens. This CBD for pain formulation is a full-strength combination of full-spectrum CBD, CBG, and Ginger Extract, an anti-inflammatory, to help you give pain the kick in the butt it needs.

D-Stress: CBD gummies for stress and anxiety allow you to find zen in this cannabis-meets-mushroom moment.  Deciding to pair full-spectrum CBD and reishi mushroom was anything but stressful thanks to the scientific research being done on how these earthy wonders help offer relief and release.