"Forbidden V" CBD Hemp Flower

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Forbidden V is one of the first genetics of its kind - a high CBDV genetic cultivated by Oregon CBD. CBDV produces its own unique effects, most consumers will find that it provides calm, focused energy, coupled with muscle relaxation. Forbidden V also boasts an impressive 2.79% terpenes, with a unique profile testing high in the uplifting terpene Ocimene (.50%), and Myrcene (1.00%), giving the strain a sweet pine, citrus aroma.

Forbidden V is a high CBDV strain with a deliciously fresh, and exotic fruity flavor that bounces off your pallet. The tropical flavors and a balanced uplifting terpene profile makes Forbidden V a perfect anytime strain for people who want to feel deep relaxation while remaining perfectly lucid and creative.

It has a CBDV to CBDA ratio of around 1:1 with a total cannabinoid percentage of 17.4% making, it one of the most potent and anticipated strains of the year.

Tropical flavor paradise meets compliant trimmed flowers. Rich aromas of mango, guava, and coconut merge with the berry notes from VERB to create what may become the most relaxing plant on the planet.

40%-55% of the total cannabinoid fraction is high value CBDV

One of the highest total cannabinoid producing strains available

Tantalizing and exotic tropical fruit aromas

Extremely limited release

<1% THC = Internationally compliant
Hand harvested, hand bucked, hand trimmed

100% sustainable and regenerative farming practices with zero pesticides or chemical nutrients