Kannastor GR8TR V2

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No other grinder is as complex and versatile as the Kannastor GR8TR 2.0. Kannastor has once again updated and improved on its already fantastic design. They realized that customers wanted the freedom to customize their grinder to better suit their taste and that people need different grades for their grind. You can grind your herb fine for vaporizers or coarse for joints.

They targeted three improvement areas: effortless grinding action, increased storage capacity, and customization. The result is the impressive and ultra-streamlined GR8TR 2.0 grinder. This model of the GR8TR has the most features and storage aspects to it. You can even keep some fresh bud in the top under the lid plate.

The GR8TR is modular by design. When it comes to assembling and configuring your GR8TR, the choice is yours. Not interested in sifting? Remove the sifting chamber to create a perfect 3-piece GR8TR. Otherwise, convert your grinder into a storage sifter and get the most out of your herbs. You can also take out the plates to turn it into a slim pocketable Storage Puck.



  • Complete kit has an expanded chamber w/removable keef screen
  • Modular design allows different configurations
  • Height: 3.65 in
  • Micro-Teeth design that allows for smoother grinding
  • Friction/Residue rings provide easy turning
  • Interchangeable plates let you choose the fineness of your grind
  • Easy Change screen for quick swapping and replacing
  • Solid body or clear acrylic window for your viewing pleasure