Sour Diesel 25% THCa

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Sour Diesel

A sativa-dominant strain, Sour Diesel packs a punch. A motivator and morning kick-start, Sour Diesel is the sworn-by secret weapon of many highly productive people.

For a full wave of energized happiness, the 90% sativa Sour Diesel can help stimulate ideas and set you up to seize the day. This hybrid’s 10% indica content adds depth to the high, helping calm the mind.

While most of Sour Diesel’s effects are helpful, motivating, and positive, some users report feelings of paranoia. SD can over-activate the mind and cause paranoia, stimulating cerebral activity and producing attention difficulties among users.

It is best to enjoy this potent strain among trusted friends to ensure any odd behaviors can be managed. This is not a strain for beginner cannabis users.