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Welcome to our Touch-free SAP Testing.

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Simply add the amount of items you would like tested. Print your receipt and place your materials in a shipping safe container with a copy of the receipt.


Send your Materials to

Capitol Hemp

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What is the Systematic Assessment Protocol (SAP)?

Simply put, it’s a process of evaluating the efficacy of the Cannabis Flower.

SAP is a measured framework that rates:

  • appearance
  • aroma
  • flavor
  • experience

Each category is scored and the finals numbers are tallied-together to achieve the final rating.

It’s a great way to perform an assessment of your Cannabis flower. It can provide you with a comparison of other cultivars (strains) out there.

The certified Ganjier SAP method for rating flowers is becoming a standard in the Cannabis industry.


What is included for the cost:

You will receive a certified Ganjier Scorecard and test result report for each product submitted.

Please see below preview of a scorecard and test result: