The Grindarolla

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The Grindarolla is an all-in-one cone loader, grinder, and storage container that fits comfortably in your pocket for fast, easy, and efficient sessions on the go.

Equipped with 6 cone compartments, the Grindarolla can simultaneously grind and fill 6 cones at once. Imagine, if you will, the convenience of having 6 cones loaded up in a matter of seconds with no mess, no waste, and no need for clean up. I will tell you, it's rather amazing.

If all that weren't enough, the Grindarolla has a storage compartment for excess material or small accessories, as well as the included cleaning tool and packing tool. You truly have everything you need in this small compact design that easily can be taken anywhere without a hassle.

Carrying a grinder, cones, and storage solution with you is inconvenient at best. Solve all these problems with one amazing product, the authentic Grindarolla by Herby's Twist.