Yocan Pandon Quad Tech

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The Yocan Pandon Vaporizer is a two-headed beast, it brings the benefits one could get by using our iconic quad coil technology while having gained superior advantage especially in terms of its loading capacity.

This wax pen uses two coils of our signature quartz dual coil technology (QDC) which closely mimics the performance of the actual quad coils. However, having two quartz dual coils also means twice the loading capacity allowing you to take on longer and more demanding vaping sessions – the kind you never knew was possible.

Despite its very portable and compact structure, the Yocan Pandon will surprise you with its great functionalities. It is built with 2 dual coil atomizers making it quad coil in total. This atomizer design guarantees that strongest you can ever get from an on-the-go.

Also, this dab pen has a 10-auto-shutoff feature that keeps itself from overheating. This also helps you in saving you battery especially in places where charging outlets are not easily accessible. This item will make your most convenient item possible without compromising a powerful and satisfying, nothing but the best from Yocan.

Apart from its unique construction and powerful vapor production, the Yocan Pandon also features magnetic connection. Yocan knows that consumers not only want power but they also want convenience and ease of use. So instead of using threaded connections to connect the mouthpiece straight to the battery, the Yocan Pandon utilized strong magnetic links and couplings that hold the components snugly together.

This dab pen is one of the few vaporizers on the market that’s both innovative and practical making it best for both beginners and advanced users alike although the Pandon is not for the faint of heart. Novices might need to get used to how the Pandon enhances all the facets of what your materials can offer: vapor density, flavor, and of course, potency.